"I have been a patient at Rose City Dental Care for over 15 years and I am confident in saying that Dr. John Lee and his staff never fail to provide a pleasant experience. The consistency in their wonderful service, skills and patient satisfaction seizes to amaze me every visit. Most importantly, Dr. Lee and his entire staff offer a long-term, trusting relationship through high level patient care and genuine guidance in the patient's overall well-being. I say highly recommended!"
-Angela N. 8/2016 Google
"Dr. Lee is without a doubt the most efficient, highly skilled, and genuinely compassionate dentists that I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing."
- Mike I. 7/2016 Yelp
"I love this office and the care and competence that are displayed every time I go! The Dr's , and staff are friendly and welcoming. Makes it hard to " hate" going to the dentist; I actually look forward to it!!"
- Patrice M. 7/2016 Google
I'll make this easy for you.. GO HERE! DR Tae was amazing!! It had been years since I had been to the dentist and suddenly had a really painful tooth ache. They got me in right away, although I was very nervous from previous times at other dentists they made me so comfortable during a major procedure. I was literally laughing in Dr. Tae's chair while he was giving me a root canal. They were flexible with such a large payment, and the rest of the staff were amazing as well.
- Anthony G. 6/2016 Yelp
"Dr. Lee and his staff are always kind and careful, no matter what work must be done. They are thoughtful of my time and schedule, and the work they provide is excellent. They make me look forward to going to the dentist!"
- Tamara L. 6/2016 Facebook
"I have extremely extremely terrible teeth. After going to a number of dentists, I thought I'd be doomed forever. But a friend recommended Dr. Tae and after seeing him for the first time last year, he has almost corrected the inside of mouth. Another two months with him and his assistant, Rachel (who's probably just as good as Dr. Tae), my mouth, which once was the greatest nightmare for all dentists, will be gleaming with eternal joy."
- Linda L. 6/2016 Yelp
"Great place. Very friendly and professional care! Would high recommended them. Receptionists are very knowledgeable and willing to answer all your questions regarding insurance."
- Elizabeth K. 6/2016 Yelp
"I had to visit Rose City and Dr. Lee on one day's notice due to a cavity breaking through to my roots - terrible pain. From phone call to walking out of the office with a necessary extraction was less than 24 hours. They get my vote for being a readily available urgent care facility alone.I also was shocked at the cost. Not in a bad way either. The cost was extremely reasonable and I even was able to use a 15% off coupon, saving me even more money.Now to the service. I have a crippling fear of dental work - like clinical. I typically use nitrous even for cleanings. Rose City didn't offer nitrous but I was in so much pain, I put that aside. In my 42 years, I've not been treated more gently and compassionately by any doctor, not just dentists. Dr. Lee was amazing and I can't say enough about my positive experience. I'm very glad I found this place. 100% satisfied!!!"
- Jim C. 4/2016 Yelp
"Last Friday night I found myself in excruciating pain and then discovered there are no emergency dental care clinics in my hometown (Astoria) on Saturdays. I checked with a few friends and Rose City was recommended to me. I made a late night call and they fit me in the next morning. Nobody loves to go to the dentist as a general rule and I am no exception, but the staff was wonderful and saw both Drs. Lee for the best treatment plan. I am diabetic and was not sure if I should have food or drink in preparation for treatment, but I did need to have some food prior to anesthetic and Dr. Lee even shared his lunch with me. I will continue to use Rose City in the future and happy to make the drive for excellent compassionate care! C.F. Smith "
- Cathy S. 2/2016 Facebook
"After moving from Iowa to Oregon, I needed to find a new dentist. Having had some not so good experiences with dental work in my past, this was a scary proposition for me. After trying another dentist who right after my first appointment decided to move, I was looking again. I checked Yelp reviews for dental service in our area and found Rose City Dental.

My nerves were on high alert with my first appointment but it was all good. Dr. Tae Lee and the staff at Rose City Dental were all calm and reassuring. I had several filling repairs and cavities so have been to the office multiple times and they are always, efficient, kind, and professional.

The office is pleasant and there is ample parking.

Bonus: there were coupons available when I checked in with Yelp and the staff helped me decide which coupon would give the best value toward the dental work to be done.This is a great dental office and Dr. Lee is very good at his job. So glad and relieved to find an expert and thoughtful dentist here in Portland!"
- Debbie B. 2/2016 Yelp
"Fantastic dental visits here. The staff are friendly, professional, on time. Dentists are great -- Dr. Lee caught some teeny tiny fillings and we came up with a treatment plan that made sense with my work schedule & insurance plan. They patiently explained all charges to me - no surprise bills which was a huge relief. Even their dental hygienist is bomb. I only wish the location were closer to my house --this is literally the only con I can think of. If you have wheels to get around, go see Dr. Lee at Rose City Dental! He's the best!!"
- Maria N. 2/2016 Yelp